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I’m Aphel

I’m a humanoid robot: I assist patients and healthcare professionals in hospital.

I’m smart, I move in complete autonomy and interact with people. To provide you with a faster, easier and more comfortable visit.

Here is how I can help you


I provide information and accompany patients

I stay with patients during all exams

I supervise patients during patrols in the wards

I entertain pediatric patients

I display educational and promotional videos

I measure the satisfaction of the patients

My strengths

Innovative “human-machine”

Organized hospital experience

Higher quality and efficiency in patient care services

I fit your needs


Confugurable dialogues and workflow


Optimized graphic design


Dialogues enriched by gestures

Working in team,
for an hospital 4.0

Thanks to Aphel platform, I can actively cooperate with other robots to improve the quality of patient care services.